School of Education

The graduating art teachers of 2021 have come through an extraordinary year. The impact of Covid-19 on the world of teaching and learning has yet to be quantified. Never before has the role of the teacher been so valued and recognised. The entire education system has faced huge challenges, with enforced school closures, uncertainty over college-state examinations and ruptured normality.

The class of 2021 rose to the challenge. When forced to pivot to remote teaching, they managed to build relationships with their pupils in this socially distanced, disembodied space. Once the schools reopened, they became essential workers at the front line. As they take up positions as second level teachers, the lessons learnt through a pandemic will help to shape the next generation of young people. Our educational priorities have become clearer, the ordinary has become extraordinary, simple face-to-face interactions between teachers and their pupils, once taken for granted, are now recognised and valued as essential by all.

The School of Education builds on a philosophy of learning through the visual arts across the continuum of education. Our teacher education programmes provide both concurrent and consecutive models of teacher education and a qualification to teach art and design at second level. They are designed to enhance the dual identity and complementary practices of the artist/designer and the teacher. Student teachers on these programmes experience a range of educational experiences as part of their programme, from studio disciplines to primary, post primary, special educational needs settings, and gallery education.

We are so proud of our graduating class of 2021 and wish them an exciting and rewarding career in their chosen fields of art education and studio practice. We look forward to meeting them again in their classrooms when they become host teachers to our students on school placement.

Professor Dervil Jordan
Head of School of Education