School of Education

University Certificate in Drawing & Visual Investigation

The Department of Continuing Education in Art and Design (CEAD) offers short courses, modules and accredited pathways to students who want to learn and acquire skills and knowledge in art and design.

CEAD offers flexible and accessible programmes in the spring, summer and autumn. Courses are for individuals at different levels to accommodate a range of interests and abilities. Students can select from multiple courses from portfolio preparation to upskilling in graphic design, textile printing, photography, or conceptual and observational drawing and painting courses.

What students say they have learnt after completing a CEAD course:

“Just a focus on what I like doing generally, drawing, making art. The formal (two nights a week) structure keeps you at it. It makes you assess what you do with your free time and that you can find time to do what you like” (DVI student).

Drawing and Visual Investigation is a part-time Level 7 programme. On successful completion students will have accumulated 30 ECTS and are eligible to apply to the part-time Higher Diploma at Level 8. Drawing and Visual investigation focuses on the potential of drawing as a process, and as a means of experimentation and expression. Students acquire the skills and knowledge to advance their ideas and projects in art. There is an emphasis on peer learning, professional identity, and gaining confidence in drawing as a contemporary art practice.