For many of our students, print is about making images that ultimately question the reasons why we make images.

Alongside the potential of digital imaging, our students continue to engage with the materiality of image-making, through processes such as etching and screen print, as well as through drawing, photography and installation. Throughout this comprehensive research and skills based course, students are encouraged to experiment with long-established methodologies, alongside the most up-to-date creative digital technologies, testing contemporary and expanded notions of print as they do so. This fusion of traditional and new technology, the symbiosis of analogue and digital, provides for a dynamic and challenging creative space where individual needs and aspirations are fostered, enabled and encouraged.

With an equal emphasis on the acquisition of autographic and conceptual enquiry, our students develop an independent studio practice that draws from daily experience and current social, cultural and political issues. For many, their creative ideologies are influenced and enabled by print’s historical legacy as a powerful means of mass communication.