School of Fine Art

Applied Materials

The Department of Applied Materials continually strives to forge new understandings that reflect the evolving nature of art and design practices. The specialist disciplines of ceramics, glass, stitch, knit construction and manipulated textiles are understood to have come from craft traditions that have shared thinking and methodical approaches.

Applied Materials recognises the desire of the specialist practitioner and their relationship to materials and processes that encourage spaces of interdisciplinarity that bridge design principles and practices with the theoretical and participatory nature of fine art.

Applied Materials is grounded in process-led thinking, whereby the making and the materiality determines the outcomes. This manifestation of process into object, artefact and/ or experience connects with maker, audience and user.

Applied Materials seeks out the discursive, and adaptive nature that strives for new contexts in which to be realised. The making and craftsmanship of the made work finding relevance, new ways to communicate that reflect societal and culture expression.