End of life by the seashore

Mwanaidi Mohamed


This work is inspired by the seashore which led me to investigate my theme of 'end of life by the seashore'. Jellyfish are the most common victims of death due to pollution toxins and both accidental and man-made catastrophes. I have always been fond of jellyfish with their magnificent structures, gelatinous bodies, and dangling tentacles. Their strange appearance attracted my attention to investigate their dead bodies in more detail for research purposes.

My research explores the form and structure of jellyfish, and my colour story is influenced by the colour of sea shells. By incorporating all elements investigated through drawing with different media and sampling, I formed the concept for my collection.

My collection is made out of cotton organdy and calico. I dyed the fabric with coffee to blend with the colour of the calico because of the thick and light cotton fabric used for the final outfit.