A few sandwiches short of a picnic

Luna Huonder


‘A few sandwiches short of a picnic' is an occasion wear line for young women to escape to a fantasy world similar to wonderland, allowing them to become a new version of themselves.

Inspiration is taken from my grandmother's old slides from the 1960s. Within these slides, you can see my grandmother and her friends having large picnics in fields or on the side of the road. This concept is merged with the "Alice in Wonderland" postcards I acquired. Illustrations from these postcards created characters within my design process. They inspired the colour scheme and silhouette of the collections. Flower pressing as a technique, is the inspiration behind the print design, the embroidery and beading techniques. The overall colour scheme from my grandmother's slides provided the inspiration for the pastel tones of the collection colours which are backed onto modern black fabric textures. The idea of escapism and the celestial feeling imbued by this collection brings all the textures and print designs together.