Kim O'Mara


'Ah-sweyj Assuage’ is a womenswear collection defined by its fusion of sensory experience and traditional craftsmanship, with a sense of refined, delicate comfort. It draws inspiration from architecture and experiences from a trip to Morocco that had a soothing influence on my anxiety during an arduous stage in my life. This is combined with the use of custom developed fabrics, and an emphasis on discovering textural and constructional elements that can be incorporated into our clothing to serve us mentally and physically.

There is a sensuality to the making, materials and experience of this collection. In essence, the making of each piece was a mediative experience. Airy silk pleats, embroidered melton and a quilted cocoon coat epitomise comfort and our sensory connection with clothing.

I wanted to challenge our normal competitive relationship with fashion and use it instead to support people; I wanted to create luxury garments that secretly provide support to the wearer, day after day.