A Hunt for Memories

Karan Burness

The polaroid’s scattered around my Grandparent's home throughout my childhood led me to be intrigued by both my Grandfather's history of hunting and his use of my Grandmother as his muse in many of his tailoring endeavours. As a master bespoke tailor by trade, my grandfather was my biggest inspiration growing up and much of my collection incorporates materials and techniques handed down to me by him. I studied many of his handmade garments for perspective and investigated classic historic hunting attire and applied it throughout my own creative process.
My final degree collection takes inspiration from both to build a modern twist to Womenswear on the classic country look. As there is a functionality as well as style to most outdoor and riding attire I ensured that this was captured and reinterpreted by incorporating many traditional materials such as waxed fabrics, coated cottons and wools, but built on a contemporary aesthetic for a modern woman.