Journey into Design

Josephine Aniagyei


My inspiration and ideas for this collection come from my background and from travelling. It is based on different times and cultures which influence my work. I gain much inspiration from the things that I see around me that can be translated into garment designs. From these sources I move on to sketching ideas. One aim is to create drawings that can be used as repeat patterns, another aim of this collection is to produce a unique multifunctional clothing design with both historical and cultural meaning.  
I was looking at examples of women's clothing from the eighteenth and the nineteenth century. I was interested in their shape, silhouette and the construction. I explored the layers of fabrics, massive sleeves and how women’s clothing has evolved with the new styles of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Drawing on these sources, I combined shapes and ideas to design a contemporary look for garments. I was fascinated by folding clothing, pleats and ruffles, which I combined with hand-printed fabrics.