Tales of a travelling tailor

Jennifer Garvey

'Tales of a Travelling Tailor' is based on Jennifer's grandfather's career as a travelling tailor; his attachment to his work and detachment from his home. It examines how the layers of both are intertwined, the craftsmanship of a men's suit jacket built layer by layer, and the building of a home through layers of interior decor.
The collection builds a story around her grandfather's tales of moving from place to place with limited possessions. It focuses on a limited selection of clothing and personal items such as a
trench coat, suit jacket, shirt and sewing box. The process of deconstructing men's suits and reinterpreting traditional tailoring techniques underpins the collection.
The prints are inspired by period wallpapers that represent the fragmented memories of his home and that of the strangers' homes he inhabited on his travels. It creates a juxtaposition of femininity through interior prints and masculine traditional tailoring styles and techniques.