Aura - Digital Self Help Companion

David Phelan


The impact of technology is becoming more and more apparent with people looking to mobile applications or the internet for every answer and question. The ease and convenience of these responses have led people to lack an ability to self-reflect, look for answers themselves or have the confidence to tackle a problem as simple as a snacking habit.

Aura is a digital self help companion that explores a mindful and calm approach to breaking a snacking habit by taking people out of mindless actions and guiding people through their craving. Aura enables people to control their snacking habit by developing their self-awareness and discipline. By reminding them when they are in the trigger area it removes them from the unconscious, mindless snacking while also encouraging them to interact and self-reflect on the emotional state that is driving them to snack. Aura then guides them through how to overcome their emotional state by validating their emotion and then giving them a simple and actionable remedy. This empowers them to start looking at themselves for answers and give them confidence that they can not only conquer a snacking habit but also some much more.