Patient Consultation & Understanding

Annabel Cleere

COVID-19 has rapidly altered many traditional systems and services around the world. Moving them from a physical space to predominantly digital. The healthcare system is no different, with the way people access and use medication being rapidly changed. This rapid movement towards the remote delivery of primary care services, for many high risk patients, has posed numerous challenges with regards to communication, medication safety, patient understanding and exclusion. From GP to patient, experiences have changed, however patient consultation and understanding is where the main concern lies.

The developed solution addresses these challenges by altering the GP-pharmacy service, with specific focus on the patient consultation, in order to facilitate clear communication and aid patient understanding around their medication. Designing for health is complex and comes with mass limitations and legal boundaries. As a result the service solution developed does not change existing softwares or threaten legal requirements but builds upon them. By adding new interventions, altering work flows and facilitating processes, this service solution aims to support pharmacists in facilitating clear communication but more importantly aid patients in understanding their medication.

How it Works