Sustainaprint - 3D Print Beginner Kit

Timothy Adam Barker


3D Printing is in the early adoption phase, but growing rapidly. New users are going to produce exponentially more plastic than ever, and there is no current system to dispose of all these 3D printed objects. The demand for recycling, composting and re-extruding filament is too low in the 3D printing industry in Ireland to provide a service, however there are other ways to reduce this oncoming wave of plastic.

Over 90% of users taught themselves how to 3D print, each and every one going through the process on their own with little knowledge of the terms, common pitfalls or environmental impact of printing with greenwashed PLA. That’s where 'Sustainaprint' intervenes, offering a complete kit, downloadable guidebook and app to help anyone that wants to learn to be a better 3D user, saving on time, money and waste per individual.