Nós Nua

Tara Kelly


Following the events of 2020, many of us have been forced to look closer to home to seek inspiration. As a result, much of our heritage and beautiful surroundings are being seen through a new lens for the first time. Nós Nua, meaning ‘new heritage/tradition’, is a collection of interior textile fabrics designed for upholstery, cushions, throws and drapery that show newfound respect for our native environment. Suited to a contemporary, balanced domestic interior that has an appreciation for natural surfaces, this collection plays homage to the intricately detailed stonework of historic Ireland. The clever natural colour mixing and distorted patterns found within this stonework are emulated in space-dyed, bleached wools and rich cotton chenilles. This interior textiles range puts these yarns at the forefront of its woven fabrics, featuring contrasting coordinating samples that refreshingly and tastefully play tribute to its Irish roots.