Robyn Elizabeth Drumm

Technology has the ability to enormously change healthcare, but will only do so if we pay attention and listen to the patients. My main goal with any design project is to listen, value user needs and apply a human-centered design approach, as the best way of addressing problem gaps in healthcare.

Postpartum healthcare is an extremely overlooked area of maternity healthcare in many countries. Women feel invisible once they give birth and are afraid to speak up for their health, but want their own needs recognised, too.

'Together' is a monitoring, management and social health app for postpartum women. The app addresses the silence surrounding postpartum health issues and allows women a space where they can “stop, think and reflect” on their health after giving birth. The app provides a space where women can start conversations, seek advice and monitor postpartum symptoms. Here women can speak up for their health and learn that just because something is common doesn’t mean it is normal.