27 Degrees

Nicolas Wijnstekers


'27 Degrees' is a collection of minimalist objects made from waste produced by the Irish slate mining industry, exploring how designers can collaborate with indigenous industries to take part in a more circular production process. This project was realised in collaboration with Valentia Slate Quarry in Co. Kerry to explore potential high-value applications for their waste material.

The process of extracting slate consists of multiple sawing operations, all of which produce a very fine dust. This slate dust collects in abundance, and no established waste stream for this by-product currently exists. After extensive experimentation with the material and various production methods, the intercepted slate dust was used to develop a castable geopolymer that can be processed into three-dimensional forms, resulting in a hard concrete-like finish with a ceramic timbre.

The name and visual language of the project drew inspiration from the natural petrology of Valentia Island’s slate vein, which lies at 27 degrees.

Final Objects

Final Objects