Hiding in the Grain

Barbora Palcikova / Bara Palcik

‘Hiding in the Grain’ is an autobiographical film based around key life events. During the fifteen-minute journey, a woman’s voice-over asks questions and confesses; she brings you to places and introduces you to her vanishing friendships. The film, full of personal memories, explores the notion of identity and examines that “in-between” space of not belonging.

Hiding in the Grain makes no distinctions in one’s sexual preference, it proposes non-binary identities and encourages the fact that a person’s gender identity does not have to be limited to being female or male.

There is nothing new or unusual nowadays in being an immigrant or moving to another country or city other than the one we were born in, so I believe the viewers can identify with some of the feelings explored in this film. Perhaps we are all looking to belong?

Hiding in the Grain
Hiding in the Grain - Trailer
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